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Cornerstone Accounting Updates

Hello, we hope you are all doing well! As you all are aware, we are currently in the middle of tax season. Over the past few weeks, we have made adjustments and small changes within our company.

Please see our current changes and updates below.

We have expanded!

As you may know, Cornerstone Accounting Solutions has brought on two new partners to our firm. We are excited to have the opportunity to work with Robert Krop and Nicholas Krop and expand our firm. For more information, see our last announcement post.


We will no longer accept tax documentation via email

You are still welcome to send in your documentation via mail, drop documentation off to our office, or schedule an appointment to have your taxes prepared.

Due to security updates in our firm, Cornerstone will no longer be accepting tax documentation via email attachments. Any and all electronic tax documentation will be required to be sent via our secure portal. If you are not currently registered to our portal, please contact our office and we will assist you in registration. For more information, see here.

If you choose to use the secure portal, please be aware that it is required that you have a registered account. While the program we use offers a "Guest Account" option, Cornerstone will not accept documentation sent through a guest account. You must have a secure portal account registered in your name.

On that note, each taxpayer must have their own secure portal. For example, if you have children (even if they are claimed as dependents) that have their taxes prepared through Cornerstone, they will need their own portal account for their documentation. This is to ensure we prepare your taxes in the most accurate manner.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding our secure portal, please contact our office at 443-328-6609 or via email at


Status Updates on Tax Returns

We understand that many of our clients (especially those of you who receive refunds!) are eager to receive your tax returns. Please understand we are putting in our strongest efforts to deliver those as quickly as possible. As of right now (March 17, 2022), we are expecting returns to be completed and in your hands within 4-6 weeks of receiving your documentation.

We know this can be a very stressful time for all of you and we are doing everything we can to accommodate. Should the need arise, we will file an extension on your behalf, assuming we have received your paperwork prior to the deadline (March 31, 2022).


As always, our entire staff appreciates every single one of you. We thank you for your continued patience, patronage, and partnership.

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