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Attention Clients,

Cornerstone Accounting Solutions requires all clients, both new AND existing, to complete our Tax Information Form in order to prepare your tax return.

This form will aid in ensuring that your tax return is filed timely and accurately. Please take the time to look over this form, complete it and forward to Cornerstone as soon as possible.

We appreciate your patience and willingness in helping us ensure we have your most current and accurate contact information.


Thank you,

The Cornerstone Accounting Solutions Staff

2023 Taxpayer Information Form

An updated Taxpayer Information Form is required for all Cornerstone Accounting Solutions clients. Please complete and submit it before (or with) your paperwork for tax preparation. We will not be able to prepare your 2023 tax return without this form.

*Note: fillable PDF not available on mobile

MARCH 31, 2023

Tax Preparation Information

  • Estimated Payments:

    • If you are projected to have a balance due to the IRS and/or state government, you may be required to make estimated tax payments. These payments are applied toward next year's tax liability. Estimated payments help to close the gap between the taxes you owe during the tax year and the taxes you withhold in order to try and alleviate the tax and penalty liability you may owe.  

    • For more information on estimated payments, please visit the IRS website here.

  • Charity:

    • If you make donations greater than $250 to any charity, you are required to have proof of donation from the charity.

    • Non-cash deductions greater than $500 must have detailed documentation (date, item, amount).

    • For more information, click here

  • Medical

    • If you project your medical expenses to be greater than 7.5% of your adjusted gross income, you may be entitled to a medical deduction. Please note, generally, over-the-counter products/services are not deductible.

  • Mortgage

    • Mortgage interest for the first two houses (non-rental) may be deductible.

    • Please provide all re-financing papers for tax return preparation.

  • Other:

    • Teacher's expenses:

      • Amount spent as a teacher

    • Student Loan Interest

      • Amount of interest paid toward student loans

    • Gambling:

      • If you have winnings, provide a loss report (typically given by the casino)

    • Alimony:

      • Did you receive or pay alimony? If yes, provide the date alimony payments began and payment amounts.

    • Energy Credits:

      • Did you install solar? If yes, provide a copy of the contract.

      • Did you install insulation? If yes, provide a copy of the bill from installation.

      • Did you install storm doors and/or windows? If yes, provide a copy of the bill from installation.

      • Did you install a new heating/AC unit? If yes, we provide a copy of the bill.

    • Social Security Benefits:

      • If you received any Social Security benefits, please include the statement (1099-G) for tax preparation.

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