to ensure that you are in compliance with the deadlines and avoid any penalties that could otherwise be incurred.


Prior to your appointment, please review the following checklist to help ensure that you have all necessary tax documents.

  • 1099 Forms: WARNING!  Please be aware that there are laws pertaining to 1099s for subcontractors and non-compliance will be costly due to penalties and interest.  These 1099 forms are due to subcontractors and to the IRS no later than JANUARY 31. Forms submitted after this date will result in penalties and interest.  If we prepare 1099s on your behalf, then we must have your information no later than JANUARY 15 in order to prepare them in a timely fashion. 1099s are required for any entity/individual to whom you paid $600 or more throughout the year.  Information that you need to give to us regarding your subcontractors includes:

1. Name

2. Address

3. Federal ID or Social Security Number

4. Amount paid during 2018 for non-employee compensation


  • S-Corp health insurance premiums: must be included on your W-2 or it is not deductible on your tax return.  If we prepare your payroll and W-2s, please notify our office (via email to or fax to (443) 398-8311 the amount of your annual premium only for the owner and family, and not employees).


  • Year-end retirement contributions: One aspect of tax planning is your retirement income which, in some cases, may be funded as late as April 15 (or later in some instances). Depending on the type of plan, it may need to be included on your W-2; therefore, the amount of the retirement contribution must be established before the end of December, in order to be included on your W-2.  Please contact our office no later than DECEMBER  27 to discuss any possible changes to retirement contributions. 


  • Tax Preparation & Bookkeeping: If your tax preparation includes a detailed review and bookkeeping (receipts/review bank statements, etc.) by our staff, then you must submit your paperwork to us no later than February 15.


  • I-9 Form – Payroll/Employees:  It is required that employers keep a completed Form I-9 on file for each employee.  You can find this form on-line or contact our office for a copy.

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