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2023 Taxpayer Information

Please review the following information in preparation of the 2023 Tax Season:



All completed tax returns will now be issued through our Secure Portal.

Paper copies will be available for pick up or mail upon request; an additional $25 assembly fee (+$10 shipping) will apply.



1.      Complete the 2023 Cornerstone Taxpayer Information Form 


2.      Confirm access to your Secure Portal

·        All clients will need to reset their passwords for the 2023 Tax Season due to a system update.

·         Visit the Client Portal Tab to request your reset link be issued.  New portal activation can be requested here as well.  Please call our office if you need assistance.


3.      Submit your completed Taxpayer Information Form and Tax Documents

·         Upload all your documents (at once) to your secure portal in PDF format.  Clients are placed into the queue once ALL documents are received.  Returns are completed in the order of receipt.

·         Documents will also be accepted by Fax, Mail or Drop Off.  We do not accept emailed tax documents.

·         Hard copies must be staple free and will be returned by mail following tax season.

4.      Sign your Efile sheets and submit your payment

·         Your secure portal will generate and send you an email when your return is completed and ready to view.

·         All documents can be signed and submitted directly from your device.

·         Receipt of signed Efile sheets and fulfillment of your Cornerstone balance is required prior to filing.


OFFICE APPOINTMENTS:  20-minute office appointments will be offered Tuesdays-Thursdays in February and March, if required.  Appointments can be requested by calling our office at (443) 328-6609.

DEADLINES AND EXTENSIONS:  Extensions will be filed after the following document submittal deadlines:


Corporations/Partnerships – February 23, 2024 submittal (March 15, 2024 deadline)

Individuals/Trusts/Estates – March 25, 2024 submittal (April 15, 2024 deadline)


Please be aware of the following: Tax Filing Extensions do not postpone the financial obligation due date, rather ONLY the filing due date.  Tax payments are due on the tax filing deadline.  Please contact our office prior to April 1st to request an extension payment voucher.

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